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Title: Desmodus
Author: Melanie TEM
Publisher: Headline Feature
Published: 1996
Edition: First
Description: Softback, Fine condition
Dust Jacket: No dustjacket
Comment: First UK paperback with a full 1 to 10 number sequence indicating a first printing of this edition. The book comes complete with the publisher's review slip. Despite its age, the book is in excellent condition. "Joel Desmodus is a male vampire living in a community dominated by female vampires. Unlike the humans who live in the surrounding towns, Joel's species is totally matriarchal - from the powerfully mysterious and frightening Old Women to Joel's own fourteen-year-old niece who, despite her youth, is seen to be better equipped to make decisions than he is. Because of the excessive demands placed upon them all, the women need the winter season to hibernate, leaving the men to indulge in orgies and any other hedonistic activities denied them during the rest of the year. And this particular winter Joel is given the unnatural task of managing his younger sister's weird family while she is asleep. When he inadvertently stumbles on a horrific secret which has remained hidden for generations - a secret which, if revealed, would threaten the very structure of the vampire society - Joel is forced to kidnap his niece's newborn baby boy and in doing so face his own complicity in the fearsome legacy of his people." IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE DESPATCH
Ref: (009235) Price: £ 4.99

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